Hello Friends! 

I’m Lori, certified personal trainer, fitness mentor, and Master Trainer for Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED. I specialize in designing fat-burning, muscle defining workouts for busy people. I own a private gym in Houston, Inspire Fitness Training Center, where my team and I apply our fitness knowledge, individualized specializations, and motivation to create a welcoming, results-driven experience for our fitness family.

I’m so excited to share with you my collection of pure and healthy recipes, quick and effective workouts, and motivational techniques that have helped me on my journey to a fitter lifestyle.

What most may not know is I’m an artist at heart! I’ve been painting, drawing, sculpting, and teaching others to express themselves artistically since the age of 5. I’m also a self-taught musician.

I am a firm believer in education. I currently hold an MBA in Leadership, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, and a Certificate in Networking and Telecommunications. 

My goal here is simply to share. I hope to inspire you so you may inspire others. Feel free to drop a comment or send a message any time.

Inspirationally Yours,

Lori Ann Ramirez